Precision Formed Bellows

Flexial has added to our portfolio of products with aerospace grade formed bellows. We can be one stop shopping for all formed or welded metal bellows. We can leverage our world class engineering, quality, and manufacturing pedigree to provide either solution for aircraft or rocket systems. Other formed bellows application for single ply and multi ply formed bellows:

  • High-Temperature Exhaust Tubing Bellows
  • Missile Systems Tubular Components and Assemblies
  • Aircraft Hydraulic Accumulator Bellows
  • Rocket Ducting Assemblies
  • Fuel Lines

Our formed bellows experience includes all standard aerospace materials including high nickel alloys.

Our experience and expertise has allowed us to partner with customers from other high performance formed bellows markets:

  • Medical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Vacuum and Semiconductor
  • Energy