Precision Cleaning

  • Passivation: Nitric Acid Passivation per Multiple International Specifications.QQ-P-35, AMS2700, ASTM A-967 (API06002)
  • Pickling: Nitric/HF Pickling per ASTM A380 (API98014)
  • Bright Dip (Nitric, Phosphoric, Hydrochloric Acid blend) (API01011)
  • Aqueous Cleaning per ASTM A380
    • Micro-90 Soap Ultrasonic using the CREST automated washing system and Agitation using the 4-Sink Industrial Cleaning System. (API98008)
    • Dir Lum soap Ultrasonic using the Branson Cleaning System (API09009)
  • Precision Cleaning Ultrasonic using Reagent Grade Isopropyl Alcohol