Bellows Product Design and Application Development Services

Flexial is the world’s fastest growing welded bellows, accumulator, and hose company. Our growth is driven from our engineering and manufacturing technologies that enable our unique solutions for the most sophisticated and complex “zero failure” applications in OR out of this world.

Welded Bellows

Welded Bellows

Welded Bellows for various industrial and aerospace applications

Flexial welded metallic bellows have an unusual diversity of characteristics. They are both a mechanical mechanism and a hydraulic or pneumatic device.

Technology Features

  • Piston and cylinder
  • Spring
  • Diaphragm / Capsule
  • Hermeticity / Impermeability
  • Self-protecting solid height
  • Electrically conductive
  • Extreme temperature capability
  • High corrosion durability
  • Aneroid
  • Vibration isolator
  • Energy absorber

Precision Formed Bellows

Precision Formed Bellows

Our fully programmed operations provide extremely consistent high quality joining methods as we combine our precision bellows with stamped and machined components to make value added assemblies for a wide range of applications.

Technology Features

  • Seals
  • Sensors
  • Engine Fuel System Components
  • CT & MRI Power Systems
  • Turbine Fuel Nozzles
  • Vacuum Interrupters
  • Aircraft Air Ducting
  • Vacuum Valves & Pumps
  • Cryogenic Valves & Pumps



Welded Bellows Accumulators, Fluid Management, Reservoirs and Surge Arresters

Flexial Corporation has made aircraft, space, and military applications our principal focus. With ISO9000 and AS9100 certifications, our systems have been selected to produce products for Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, Raytheon, GE, Lockhead Martin, Hamilton Sundstrand, Rocketdyne, Honeywell, Northrup Grumman, Liebherr-Aerospace, Parker Hannifin and many other aerospace primes.

Technology Features

  • High Pressure
  • Maintenance Free
  • Titanium
  • Ultra-light-weight Composite
  • Miniature, Unmanned Vehicles
  • Commercial and Military Aircraft
  • Space Systems

Metal Hoses

Metal Hoses

Made of stainless steel or high nickel alloys, used wherever flexibility and highest reliability are required, e.g. gas distribution systems in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings, solar and heating engineering, but also in the automotive industry, aerospace and in many other industrial applications.

Technology Features

  • Industrial applications
  • Aerospace
  • Rail Traffic
  • Automotive
  • Solar and Boil Industry
  • Gas distribution/production
  • Food Industry
  • Vacuum applications
  • Steel Industry
  • Special Applications


These are some of the examples of the broad spectrum of products and applications for which Flexial Corporation has the experience, product and market knowledge, systems and controls to design and manufacture - in virtually every market and every product-type extant today.