Program Management



Flexial plans everything it does. Not just what’s required by the quality standards, but everything that’s required to run a business. Sales is as systematic as the production line (not an easy thing to do). Every step of our business, from what customers and programs we accept and compete for, to how the design and development phases will occur, to procurement, manufacturing, testing, and shipping – Flexial has a plan for every step of the process.

High Pedigree and battle tested with previous and current complex applications and platforms

  • International Space Station
  • Mars Rover and Mars Perseverance
  • Airbus A350
  • Lockheed Martin F35
  • NASA Universal Waste Management
  • NASA Artemis
  • Space X Dragon


Flexial has developed its own software for managing complex programs. Designed to meet the requirements of the ISO9001, AS9100, EN9100, GRESS, ABD0100, PMCA, and others, Flexial’s program management tools allow program managers a unique ability to direct, monitor, and track the program; to assess and mitigate risk, and ultimately to ensure that milestones are met and deliveries are on time. Plans are shared with customers, and may be exported into commercial program management software for ease of use.


Flexial’s organizational culture provides broad latitude for every team member. Everyone knows employees should be empowered, but few companies have it in their culture like Flexial. And amongst a wide array of empowered people, some have the personality, the drive, the intellect, or simply the desire to lead. Flexial encourages everyone to lead – and Flexial’s Program Managers are all about encouraging each member of the team to succeed. With the right tools to do the job, the right attitude, and a company culture that allows everyone the power to make things happen, Flexial gets things done.