Flexial is a leader in the design and manufacture of edge welded metal bellows for vacuum applications, shaft seals, torque couplings and other couplings \ pass-throughs allowing for axial loading, valve seals (including Flexial’s Reactive Seal, a patented technology that results in zero-emissions for rising stem valves and provides pressure-balanced sealing technology allowing use in ultra-high pressure applications), face seals, water hammer and surge arresters, reservoirs, accumulators, pressure and temperature sensors and actuators, and many other applications.

Flexial’s products operate in temperatures from cryogenic to 450° F, with volumes from less than 0.1 milliliters to 100 liters, using materials from standard stainless steel alloys to highly corrosion-resistant high-nickel alloys, and Flexial is the world’s bellows specialist in all Titanium bellows applications. Flexial can design and manufacture bellows for any application, from some of the world’s smallest (from 0.250”) to the largest (up to 30” O.D) welded bellows, and in wall thicknesses from 0.001” and up.